Terms and conditions

  • 1. Basic concepts

    • 1.1. Data of DIRTPARK: Dirtpark Kft. is a crossmotorsport facility, operated by Komló, Batthyány Street 1, 7300 (hereinafter: Service Provider)
    • 1.2. REGISTREE: A person resorting to the Online Service of the Service Provider, i. e. registers oneself on the online platform of the Service Provider (hereinafter: Registree)
  • 2. The aims, publication and extent of the Terms and Conditions of the Registration

    • 2.1. The Service Provider has issued the Conditions of the Online Service in order to regulate the conditions of using the Online platform of the Service Provider in detail.
    • 2.2. The Terms and Conditions of the Registration include the general conditions of the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Registree entering a contractual relationship with the Service Provider. Regarding the issues not regulated in the present contract, the pertinent sections of the Hungarian Civil Code and of this general terms and conditions are legally binding to the Online platform services of the Service Provider.
    • 2.3. The Service Provider issues information about the relevant news, information and changes of the service on the webpage of the Service Provider or in electronic newsletter sent in e-mail. The Service Provider may alter the conditions of the present contract unilaterally. These alternations inure with the publication of the new version of the present contract. In case the Registree continues to resort to the Online Terms and Conditions of the Registration of the Service Provider, the alternations are considered to be accepted. The Terms and Conditions of the Registration remain in effect until the Service Provider operates the Online registration.
    • 2.4. The terms and conditions shall apply to and are valid to all Registrees. The Registree unconditionally and irrevocably agrees to and accepts to be bound by the contractual conditions.
    • 2.5. Registration is the condition of using the Service. The registration shall be considered invalid in case of filling the registration form improperly or imperfectly.
    • 2.6. Purchasing happens on the spot after filling out the registration form online, prior to the purchase.
  • 3. Privacy and Data Security

    In case of the registration, necessary to using the Service, the Service Provider records the following data about Registrees:

    • 3.1. The Registree shall provide the mandatory data: - user name - password - email address - name - address - date of birth - home address - sex - e-mail address of the Registree.
    • 3.2. By providing optional data, the Registree explicitly agrees to get personal services offers and newsletters from the Service Provider and to have the collected statistical data preserved, respecting and defending personal rights.
    • 3.3. Besides the Registree, only the Service Provider has access to any provided data. The Service Provider keeps this data confidentially and does not disclose it to any third party. The Registree shall only provide real and exact information to the Service Provider.
    • 3.4. The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, unpredictable or consecutive impairments or for any loss of profit, including damages consequent to loss of data, loss of programs, loss of reputation or loss of business and for any other damage and impairment due to the use or failure to use the Online registration service platform and the online platform of the Service Provider. The Service Provider cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for damages out of its direct control.

In case of litigation, the parties subject themselves to the exclusive competence of either the Komlói Járási Bíróság (District Court of Komló) or the Pécsi Törvényszék (Court of Justice, Pécs) - depending on the limit of value.

By accepting the general contract terms and conditions the Registree hereby declares that he has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions agrees to and accepts to be bound by them.