Rules of Dirtpark

The whole area of the Dirtpart is private property, owned by the DIRTPARK Lt., and is utilized, protected and maintained by the environmental protection regulations. All incomes from the use of the tracks are the property of the DIRTPARK Lt. and contribute to developing the tracks and the improvement of the motor racing society.

The aim of the rules

All people in Dirtpark must obey the rules which control the minimally expected behavioral norms and lay down the basic conditions of using Dirtpark safely. It is also concerned with environmental protection and maintenance.

Basic rules

  • Being is Dirtpark is only allowed during the opening hours and strictly in the zones designated by the management. People under 18 are only allowed in Dirtpark under parental supervision, or under the supervision of an adult (with parental authorization). The parental authorization must be given to the park management.
  • Visitors in Dirtpark must acknowledge these rules and must fully obey them.
  • Visitors are responsible for their private objects; the management of the Dirtpark will not take responsibility for any and cannot be obliged to recompensate.
  • Animals are only allowed tied up or on leash.
  • Keeping and using of any kind of drug or narcotic in the territory of Dirtpark is prohibited.
  • Driving any vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics in forbidden. The management of Dirtpark has the right to test it.
  • A part of Dirtpark is nature reservation area . The designated area is marked with signs, approaching the sand-dune there is dangerous.
  • Every person in Dirtpark must be aware of the environmental protection regulations. Garbage should only be put to the dustbins.
  • Lightning fire is only allowed in the designated areas with the permission of the management.
  • Audio and video records made in Dirtpark are the property of the management. Visitors of the park allow and admit that pictures, audio and video recordings can appear on the webpage of Dirtpark and in advertising areas unlimitedly.

Rules regarding track use

  • Tracks are opened and closed by the management. Entering the tracks in closed hours is prohibited.
  • In case of dangerous and improper circumstances the management has the right to close the park.
  • Visitors can use the tracks for their own responsibility and voluntarily. Visitors in the park must not jeopardize others safety and must respect the level of knowledge and skills of others.
  • Using tracks is only allowed with a valid ticket, which is only acceptable with a responsibility statement signed by the visitor.
  • Visitors must use the tracks in aware of their own abilities. The management cannot be made responsible for accidents of misjudgment.
  • Only designated tracks can be used for sports. Leaving the tracks deliberately and any sport activity out of them are prohibited.
  • Wearing helmets and racing boots is mandatory and is checked by the management.
  • Using the tracks is only allowed with proper sports equipment.
  • Using the tracks is only allowed in the proper direction.
  • Using the service road next to the track against course direction is forbidden. Exceptions only include accidents and malfunctioned vehicles.
  • Approaching the tracks is only allowed in the designated roads, where the allowed speed is 10 km/h. Rules of the high way code must be obeyed.
  • Fans and non-sporting people must keep a distance of 5 meters from the tracks due to safety regulations.
  • Refilling gas is only allowed in the repository and service zone from proper containers, with caution and without impairing the environment.
  • Cleaning, repairing and maintaining equipment is only allowed in the designated part of the park, without impairing the environment.
  • In case of accidents and damage to property, the management of the park must be informed immediately.

Violating the rules

People violating these rules must leave the Dirtpark immediately. Returning is prohibited until the management examines the violation and allows the visitor to return.